Past Annual Meetings

AOM's Annual Meeting has been a primary component of the Academy's function since the organization's founding in 1936. This page lists every historical meeting, and the more recent also include a link to more information.

2023Boston, MAPutting the Worker Front and Center (program)
2022A Hybrid ExperienceCreating a Better World Together
2021A Virtual ExperienceBringing the Manager Back in Management ( program)
2020A Virtual Experience20/20: Broadening our Sight (program)
2019Boston, MAUnderstanding the Inclusive Organization ( program)
2018Chicago, ILImproving Lives (program)
2017Atlanta, GAAt The Interface ( program)
2016Anaheim, CAMaking Organizations Meaningful ( program)
2015Vancouver, BC, CanadaOpening Governance ( program)
2014Philadelphia, PAThe Power of Words (program)
2013Lake Buena Vista, FLCapitalism in Question (program)
2012Boston, MA The Informal Economy (program)
2011San Antonio, TXWest Meets East: Enlightening, Balancing, and Transcending (program)
2010Montréal, Québec, CanadaDare to Care (program)
2009Chicago, ILGreen Management Matters (program)
2008Anaheim, CAThe Questions We Ask (program)
2007Philadelphia, PADoing Well By Doing Good (program)
2006Atlanta, GAKnowledge, Action, and the Public Concern (program)
2005Honolulu, HIA New Vision of Management in the 21st Century (program)
2004New Orleans, LACreating Actionable Knowledge (program)
2003Seattle, WADemocracy in a Knowledge Economy (program)
2002Denver, COBuilding Effective Networks (program)
2001Washington, DCHow Governments Matter (program)
2000Toronto, ON, CanadaA New Time (program)
1999Chicago, ILChange and Development Journeys into a Pluralistic World (program)
1998San Diego, CAWhat Matters Most (program)
1997Boston, MACall to Action
1996Cincinnati, OHLearning from Unusual Events
1995Vancouver, BC, CanadaTransforming Work and Organizations for the 21st Century
1994Dallas, TXReducing Barriers to Understanding
1993Atlanta, GAManaging the Boundaryless Organization
1992Las Vegas, NVThe Management of Diversity
1991Miami, FLInternational Dimensions of Management
1990San Francisco, CAEnhancing Organizational Vision and Vitality
1989Washington, DCThe Social Consequences of Management
1988Anaheim, CAThe Marriage of Theory and Practice
1987New Orleans, LAInternationalizing the Field of Management
1986Chicago, ILCelebrating the Centennial of Management and the 50th Anniversary of the Academy of Management
1985San Diego, CA 
1984Boston, MA 
1983Dallas, TX 
1982New York, NY 
1981San Diego, CA 
1980Detroit, MI 
1979Atlanta, GA 
1978San Francisco, CA 
1977Kissimmee, FL 
1976Kansas City, KS 
1975New Orleans, LA 
1974Seattle, WA 
1973Boston, MA 
1972Minneapolis, MN 
1971Atlanta, GA 
1970San Diego, CA 
1969Cincinnati, OH 
1968Chicago, IL 
1967Washington, DC 
1966San Francisco, CA 
1965New York, NY 
1964Chicago, IL 
1963Boston, MA 
1962Pittsburgh, PA 
1961New York, NY 
1960St. Louis, MO 
1959Washington, DC 
1958Chicago, IL 
1957Philadelphia, PA 
1956Cleveland, OH 
1955New York, NY 
1954Detroit, MI 
1953Washington, DC 
1952Chicago, IL 
1951Boston, MA 
1950Chicago, IL 
1949New York, NY 
1948Cleveland, OH 
1947Chicago, IL 
1941New York, NY 
1940Chicago, IL 
1939Philadelphia, PA 
1938Ann Arbor, MI 
1937Philadelphia, PA 
1936Chicago, IL 
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